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About Us

The originator and investor in the project is the Weldon company Sp. z o.o. The creation of this type of facility is an innovative solution in our town and country that gives equal opportunities to all families in access to education for their children. It is a project that gives a new perspective for quick employment of women in the workplace after a break related to childbirth and child raising, reconciling work and family life.


Within the framework of European Union funds Weldon company has acquired 3 558,447.88 zł on organizations, management and maintenance of nursery.


The building was designed based on extensive experience of people who have worked in such establishments. Pre-formed functional design takes into account the building regulations for this type of institutions.



Private Kindergarten Weldon Kids has been operating since September 2010. The nursery is located on the Ratuszowa street 9 in Debica, in the vicinity of City Hall, in the enclave of tranquility and greenery. The nursery operates from 6:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m., without a summer break. We have our own well-equipped playground, ensuring a safe and fun outdoor activities for our pupils. The whole area is fenced, the building has internal and external monitoring. We have our own kitchen, providing full board (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner). All meals are fresh, delivered by a catering company. We take into account an individual child's diet.


In our facility we provide care, upbringing and education of children aged 2.5-5 years, which are divided into five groups of 25 preschoolers.


We implement a program of preschool education enriched the language profile program and copyright European education program "Preschooler closer to Europe" and "Travels in small and large countries of the European Union". We also have a wide offer of additional activities:


  • English - children learn English every day. The form of learning is fun. Children learn songs and rhymes, performing art works to solidify the new vocabulary learned during play.


  • French is twice a week. The range of French is gradually extend in accordance with the natural children's development rythm.


  • The Rhythmics - classes are in the form of musical experience. They are focused on perception, performance and creativity. Children have a rich collection of songs and dancing, which present them at different ceremonies.


  • The corrective gym - corrective exercises improve posture habits and shaping, prevent to stature's defect and emergence of new disorders.


  • The speech therapy is daily in a group or individually. Classes support the development of speech, correct the existing defects, improving articulation organs. The degree of difficulty and range of exercises is tailored to the age group.



  • The dances - classes are taught by an instructor of dance. Children learn not only the national dances, but also integration and disco dances. Dances give kids a lot of fun and help to create a friendly atmosphere in the group.


  • Theatre - the theatre art stimulates creative thinking, children's activities, development of body arts. It mobilizes children to the common fun, learns non-verbal communication skills, verbal expression of thoughts and feelings and above all stimulates children's development of imagination and emotional sensitivity.


  • Computer classes - our nursery has a modern computer room with Internet access. Children excite interest in science, properly benefit from the information technology in learning and fun, develop their own interests by using the computer and prepare for life in the IT society.


  • Chess - the "Royal Game" in Poland is very popular among children and adolescents. Learn of chess also introduced to our kindergarten.


  • Football - soccer training for preschoolers is a novelty in kindergartens in Debica. Football won the hearts of children, parents and educators. They appreciate the great impact of this form of activity on the  physical and mental development of children.


  • Painting starts the imagination, can express emotions associated with the joint creation, strengthens the sense of belonging to the group during the task team.


  • Music Therapy - children who from an early age have the opportunity to listen to a variety of music, they become more sensitive in emotional, artistic and social life. Teacher directing of children's music activities has a big impact on their emotional reactions.


  • Pedagogue - preschool pedagogue recognizes the child's capabilities and needs. He collaborates with teachers in order to minimize behavioral problems of preschoolers and also supports teachers and parents in solving educational problems.


  • Medical care - preschoolers from our nursery  have a systematic, monthly pediatrician's care who leads medical prophylaxis.


In our nursery we realize the program "Preschooler closer to Europe" and "Travels in small and large countries of the European Union". In this project, we organized various events:


  • In October, children celebrated the "Happy Potato Day", which aimed to find out how the potato came to Europe and that the first country which recognized its taste was Spain. Children presented songs in English and French, i.e. "Sur le Pont d'Avignon", "Hallo Hallo" and "Good Morning to you!"


  • In November we celebrated HALLOWEEN which came into being in Ireland. The purpose of this event was to stimulate interest about other countries, to familiarize children with the custom of Halloween celebrations and learn the basic words in English like a witch, a cat, a bat, a spider and a pumpkin.


  • In December to the nursery's door knocked long-expected visitor, who came straight from Lapland. Santa Claus with a smile on his mouth and a bag of sweets greeted the guests, put everyone a beautiful red hat with the inscription WELDON KIDS on. Thanks to this meeting, the children could get to know the country where live Santa Claus and to familiarize with the tradition and custom of sharing with others.


  • For several weeks children were also preparing for the Nurseries' Art Review. They presented dances from other countries in Europe: English waltz and polka - known, Czech folk dance. Children get to know specific dances and culture from the EU countries.


  • In May this year we celebrated the "Day of Europe". Preschoolers from all five groups presented an artistic program prepared specially for this occasion. Kids got to know geography, history, culture, interesting places and monuments of many EU countries. We are aware that preschool children are the generation before which an integrated Europe will place many tasks and challenges in the future, so now we should to familiarize them with the culture and traditions of all European Union countries.


  • We arrange meeting with a fairy story in our nursery. We were visited by actors from the theatrical presentation "Little Red Hood", despite the jokes theater also provided the children's message in the form of "wisdom" that they should listen to parents and not talk with strangers. This meeting  familiarized children with the literature of Grimm's brothers.

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